Monday, May 7, 2012

Twice Upon A Lifetime

Well, it's been more than a little while since my last post.  Like...over a year.  Sorry.  My bad.

Where in the world do I even start???  Life has been....unexpected.  Here are the highlights and then we can move on to the fun stuff....

I got the most awesome job that is just right for me.  Step-dad is still plugging along with the whole terminal cancer thing but some days are harder than others...well....most days are hard but sometimes he gets up and does stuff like 9 holes of golf.  I'm crazy busy and I've lost like 46 pounds the good old fashioned way....stress and forgetting to eat.  Also, I'm buying a house...I think.  It depends...  I'm moving out of mom and Step-dad's house at any rate because it's time to be a regular, legit adult.

Okay stuff.  Oh is another "where to start?" moment.

So there's this guy.

Not just any guy.... A special guy.  Not just a special guy.... A guy I'm totally in love with and ridiculously compatible with on a freakishly fairytale level that makes me super nervous.

It gets better.

This is my high school sweetheart, people.

17 years later...we reconnected and it's been all kinds of easy bliss ever since.  Crap like this doesn't happen in real ever.  But it's happening.

Unfortunately, there's a glitch in the situation.  He's in the sort of beginning stages of a divorce that is not proving to be an open-and-shut thing.  Okay...I get it....BAD idea.  Truth is...don't care...doing it anyway....keep your negativity on the DL because I'm not interested.

When in life do we get handed exactly what we want/need/ever thought could be the best thing ever??? Not very often.  What's that old Alabama song???  "The best things seldom come along twice....."  Yeah...this did.  I'm all in with this.

And I'm loving it.

So, here's hoping life goes as "planned"....(I think I just heard God laugh.)