Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, Here I Go

So I've heard about this whole "blogging" thing but, until about a year ago, I never really understood what it was. Now that I've read enough of them, I decided to start one myself for a few reasons.

First; an overwhelming majority of the blogs I've read are written by married women with several children and they talk about things like baby-wearing, organic food, photography, cloth diapers, and being stay-at-home moms. Now, I don't find one single thing wrong with any of these topics...really, I don't. I've read, appreciated, and been personally touched by a lot of blogs with themes that fall into those categories. However, that is not the life I lead. In short, I'm a divorced mom of two who thrives on things that make life more convenient so that I can maximize my enjoyment of it and minimize the hassle in it. I struggle with everyday things like paying bills, being a good mom who creates a healthy life for two sweet girls, and staying on top of my faith so I never stray too far away from God. I think I just really felt that there wasn't a big enough voice for moms like me. Maybe by blogging about myself, my thoughts, and my experiences...moms like me might not feel like they are out there alone. Or, maybe something I say might touch a cloth-diaper using, photograph taking, baby-wearing, organic-food cooking mom the way some of the stuff they've said has touched me. I want my life and experiences to be a beautiful blend of diversity from all the aspects I choose to incorporate into it.

Second; my head is full of words and I need to clean house, so to speak. I have all these things I think about every day that can sometimes make me dizzy with wonder and pondering. So, I was thinking if I got some of them down "on paper", there might be more room in my head for things like remembering to do the laundry or pay my cell phone bill.

Third; accountability. This is a big one. I have all kinds of big plans for myself; this grand life I want to lead (figuratively speaking). Plans to lose weight, go to church more, de-clutter my desk (aka: life), get down on the floor and play more with my kids....stuff like that. I figured that maybe if I wrote about some of those things, I would be more likely to hold myself accountable for doing them. It's easy to say "I can do that laundry tomorrow..." or "mac and cheese is okay for supper....again." What I want is to voice my desire to do better and have it out there for the world (or whoever chooses to spend time reading this) to see so that I feel a little more pressure on myself to actually do it. It's a lot harder to back out on something once you've told a bunch of people you're committed to doing it.

So, I guess that's my "Why I'm Going To Blog" answer. The plan is to slowly introduce you to me...and maybe give myself a little insight to me in the process; attacking random issues one by one and sharing about my experiences as a single mom and life in general.

Well, here I go! I hope I learn, I hope you enjoy, and I hope that wherever you are on your journey to be the you you want to be, you will come along on mine.


  1. woohoo! how did that share thing show up at the end of your post???

  2. I have no clue. It's just there. The archive thing just appeared too. :)