Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Cancer Sucks Update

The doctors never figured out what was making my step dad have so much pain in the post I previously wrote.  I would absolutely link that post here if I knew how to do that...My good friend told me once, but my ADD-riddled brain can't seem to recall the information right now.  Anyway, Step dad went to Florida for the winter as planned and he is doing so-so.  He met with a new doctor at some place called the Moffit Cancer Center and that guy seems to think that step number one is to get his gall bladder OUT.  Step number two is to get him back on the $4,000/shot injections once a month that will wreck his gall bladder but make him feel way better.  (Thus explaining the need for step number one.)  Step number three is to start embolizing parts of his hepatic artery to see if they can cut the blood supply to the tumors on his liver.  The hope there is that, with no source of blood, the tumors may begin to die in places and that will increase his quality of life somehow.

This is not a cure.  It is a comfort measure they are trying to take in order to make whatever time he has left a little more bearable. 

Have I mentioned how much I think cancer sucks?  I did?  Oh...wait...I have one more thing to say... CANCER SUCKS.

There really isn't anything worse than watching someone you love dearly suffer and not be able to say or do anything to ease what they're going through.

Anyway...I probably won't post about this again unless something dramatic happens because it's too hard and I'm on this new snarky, attempted humor kick.  I just didn't want to leave anyone hanging about what was going on.  I'm happy to answer more specific questions if they come up in comments however.

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  1. Awww, honey, I am so sorry to read this. There's not a lot more to say because you're so right, cancer just sucks. I hope they find the right mix of meds, treatment, and that he is able to at least *feel* better in the short term. I hope they find the right treatment for the long term too. And I hope you're doing ok. I'd come over and brew you some coffee and give you a hug if it wasn't such a distance <3